We diagnose, design, implement and accompany institutions in programs of social business management. We aim to create social bridges among the company, leaders, collaborators and the most vulnerable communities, creating programs that are within the value chain of the company and respond to the social reality.


Entrepreneurial Women Textile Project

In October 2014, DePrati opened the program of entrepreneurial women textiles in association with the Fundación Acción Solidaria, with the objective of training women from vulnerable areas in textile and tailoring techniques within a period of 10 months, giving them the opportunity to work and run their own business. As of date, 257 women have been trained.


Sellers Club Project

The sellers club project is a space of promotion and integral development, which works to achieve integration, participation and strengthening of business relationships among sellers, their families and the company.

In this community many activities are realized: holiday programs for children and teenagers, soccer school, organization and community leadership program, (lectures, legal advice, workshops, etc.). Environmental and recreative area programs. With the objective of improving the development and progress of the community.


Socio-economic productive study

A study was conducted to 50 farmers in the El Jigual sector with the purpose of obtaining information to develop a program that aims to improve the productivity of rice cultivation, in conjunction with Ecuaquímica. The data obtained has allowed us to understand the real productivity and main challenges of this rural sector, leading to the creation of an intervention project that encourages its development.


Occupational Development

Derived for employees and their relatives who have small businesses and aspire to improve or develop them further. To date, 45 people (workers and relatives) have been trained, in Human Development (communication within families and leadership) and Entrepreneurial Management (Selling and Management of Social Networks, Business Creativity, Business Management through the Business Canvas Model).


Entrepreneurship training

Crisfe has participated in trainings like: Social entrepreneurship, financial formation, family economics and credits for small businesses that start-up from their homes, with the profile to start and develop any product in the technical-productive line.


Social responsibility program for the communities of Puertas del Sol and Jardines del Salado

These projects aim to integrate and develop the communities near the companies or industries, in order to generate connections, loyalty and integral development within the location.


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