The needs of the rural sectors are broad, and because of this we search for ways to realize projects associated with other entities in order to gradually reach real community development.


Social responsibility project for the development of rural communities in Daule

Through a diagnosis, we were able to identify the specific necessities of the community. To date, we work with 25 rural communities permanently and with 19 communities in legal advice. In the area of Los Quemados, Daule, we have implemented a communal bakery with training programs; a program to improve the stake in the “collection center Jigual” and the creation of three “solidary boxes” which economically benefit families within the rural communities.

This center aims to train for the training of leaders of different communities, promote the organization and legal formality of the associations and generate development opportunities for women. We have volunteers from Brock University and Focus.


A diagnosis of the reality was made in the San Francisco community, which has allowed improving the quality of life of families in the community through basic and practical knowledge through training and workshops in preventive health, access has been improved to health services through a mobile clinic (container).


The Municipality collaborates in marginal urban areas, where the Foundation is located, attending educational programs, but also Social Entrepreneurship, since thanks to the perspective of prosperity for the poorest, we have two Solidarity Centers, which are in synch with the entity, and where our beneficiaries are served. These spaces provide a dignified and comprehensive attention to the people who are beneficiaries of our projects and become a multiplier of aid each year.


It provides the elderly people of the Nigeria sector of the Trinitaria Island with the training and nutritional practices necessary to generate healthy lifestyle habits to prevent deficiencies in eating habits. The programs we develop together are: nutritional guide appropriate to their age and socioeconomic reality, they perform physical activities necessary for the maintenance of their health and strengthen their self-esteem, socialization skills and sense of life.


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